Anonymous asked: Update conflicts and desires please :)

Just did. xx

Anonymous asked: Can tho please update conflicts and desires on Wattpad!? It's awesome!! Please

Yea, sure. 

Anonymous asked: Hey! Sorry I haven't stopped by in a while! It went well I won on roulette ;) yes I believe is it just you :) I find it creepy when they tell you stuff about your life & they don't even know you! That's great, how exciting college is gunna be awesome! Holy shit! How's your foot now?? Sending kisses to make it better! ;) yep! Me & my friends are thinking of having an adventure :) the weekend starts today for me, I hope you have a great one bubba! Lots of love your British Friend xoxo

Oh! Same here. Ive been busy with school and stressing over prom. -_- Whooo!!!! Trust you to be the winner of a party game. :p :* My foots fine, thanks for asking babes. My friends were laughing at me, which I think they should be stepped on too, just for that. :p They said that it happens often, and that I had to learn the hard way. I need new friends I think. :p How was your adventure?! Tell me all about it! Lots of love from LA!! Stay safe hun. xx

Anonymous asked: I'm great thank you, I'm off to a casino themed birthday party! ;) I've heard of that, from watching movies hahaha sounds amazing, you crazy Americans :p what did your fortune tell you? Friday was Friday! What you doing this weekend? Yes this is she, I don't love you lots, I love you lots and lots haha :) You are my favourite person in LA, I just might have to come out there next summer! ;) have a great weekend sugar pie xoxo

How funn! How did it go? :) Really? Is it just us that does that? She told me lots. It was pretty creepy. I don’t really believe in it all too much tho, but I do have to admit, she knew stuff about me she couldn’t have guessed. I went to Santa Barbara this weekend. Another road trip. :p The last road trip to San Francisco was 6 hours. But this one was just 2 hours and I really loved it. I think I’m going to college over there. :3 I went horse back riding today? And while I was taking the horse a shower, she stepped on my foot. It was pretty intense. My foot is all purple now. :( Are you coming out here next summer?! How fun! You should do it. LA is just filled with amazing things. ;) Hope you had a great weekend too sweetheart! Lots of love to you! xxxxx

Anonymous asked: Mateeee don't tell me you didn't get my message again?? :O bloody hopeless! I hope you know who this is by now haha xxx

Ughhhhhhh. Tumblr is being its usual little shitty self. -_- Well, how are you btw? Today was Senior Ditch Day. Which basically means that all of the senior class skips school and we all end up getting into trouble. :p I had a really good day tho! Some really close friends and I went to San Pedro (a city close to the beach). We went to the pier to eat seafood and look at all the cool little vintage shops they have there. We got our fortunes read. o.o It was pretty freaky and we saw a lot of cute little sea lions. :D Hope your friday treated you right! And I hope this is my British friend who loves me a lot? :p Lots of love from your Cali Friend!  xxx

Anonymous asked: If I don't worry about you what am I gunna do with my life? Haha tan lines are good! Then you can brag that you actually have a tan ;) what's really funny is what you call a sweater, I call a jumper lol!! So you're a jet setter for the next couple of weeks? It feels good, great actually :) thank you bubs! Sick but never too sick to party, I'm going out tonight & yesterday I went to a theme park!! :O I screamed so hard! Hope you've had a great weekend, lots of love your British sweetheart ;) xoxo

Haha! Thats veryyyyyy true. The world does revolve around me. *diva hair flip* Oh yes, I keep forgetting we’re from different parts of the world. :p Im about to head off in a couple of hours and we’re actually driving there. :O Road trip! :P You should be resting your poor throat, not blowing out your vocal cords. :( Well, I hope you had lots of fun. theme parks are my favvvvvvvv, and be safe tonight. don’t talk to any creepy men who look like murderers plzz. Love you lots! from your fav person in LA. ;) xxxxx

Anonymous asked: could u please update conflicts and desires on wattpad?

yea, sure. 

Anonymous asked: Haha both being worrying Wendy's! STAHP!!! If I hear anymore about your tan I'll get super jealous and cry :'( been doing anymore crazy workout videos? This is so awesome! I still remember like last year when you were applying and now this year it's happening, shit son! Help me I have a cold and I'm constantly coughing :'( also I've finished uni for the year already, first year over, boooom!! Hope you're doing well my little cutie pie American friend ;) lots of love, your British chum xoxo

You’re cute. :* Don’t worry so much, I’m fine. :)  Its NOT a good thing. I have a big white cross on my back and two thick stripes on my shoulders from the tan lines of my swim suit. It looks like night and day. *forever wearing sweaters* No, I stopped because I have no more time with swim + school + preparing for the college life. Haha, it seems like that was just last week! Im going to visit San Francisco this weekend, then Santa Barbara the next. Im not so sure where I want to go yet. :/ Awe, you’re sick? *Hugs you really tight* I hope you’re feeling better hun. :**** WHOOOO!!!!! Oh my god! Thats so great! How does it feel to be that much closer to finishing? :P Proud of you my British sweetheart! Im doing fine, thanks for asking. Hope you’re doing great and love you lots more ! xxxxxx 

Anonymous asked: Starting to get a little worried now! Either you haven't got my messages or something bad has happened, I hope that nothing has happened!! D: hopefully you'll get this and all is well! Lots of love, your (slightly going crazy) British friend xoxo

IMAGINE ME I can’t even go check on you and send you a little message when ever I want. :’( Love you too hun and Im fine. Really really tan from swim, but I’m fine. :) Im just getting ready for college. Guess what? Just a few more months and I fly off on my own. o.o (small panic attack)  Hope you’re doing well babe. miss you ! and Tumblr is really getting on my nerves now. >:( *hugggssssss* -Your American Friend xxxxx

Anonymous asked: Soon you'll be a swimming expert! ;) I still love the smell of pool water so we can continue being friends ;) yes please do let me know, I wanna know how well you're doing :) yes free shots!!! So much sun recently! I'll give you a really really big hug for doing all that work! :) I'm on my way back from London, just went to a gig & we missed our train -_- but we're on another train so it's fine! How's your day been?? Lots of love your British, late home friend! ;) xoxo

Hahaha, Im having a lot of fun. Even though I do miss Track and Field, I think swim is much less… challenging and much more fun. It’s like a pool party every day. :p So my Art teacher decided that he put all my work in a display by the end of next week. That’s going to be a bit weird, seeing my things behind a glass window every day. I guess this means I am doing something right in that class. :p Hugs!! I love hugs, thank you c: A gig? London train? :O I’ve never been on a train before. We don’t really use them over here. Well, at least no one I know does. We use a lot of busses, and sometimes a trolley; depending how far we want to go. Thats great tho! I hope you had a great time. :D My day has been pretty slow. I went bike riding down this HUGE hill. I felt like I was flying. lol. And I tried some new food, which is always a risk. :P How is your weekend going hun? Lots of love from your amazing friend from California! :p xxxxxxx 

Anonymous asked: Damn! anyway I just wanted to know how you're doing, glad to hear everything is good, I'm never too busy to drop you a message :) how's swimming going? Do you still smell? Haha ;) you should totally agree to do it!! Don't be afraid to show others how amazing you are! It's my mummas birthday so we've been celebrating with lots of shots! I even had drinks brought for me! :O I'm going to the pub again tomorrow! We have sunshine :D! School is good, lots of work due soon! I LOVE MY CALI FRIEND! xoxo

Swimming is going great! Thanks! It’s just really tiring but Im getting use to it. ;) Hahahaha, yea. I still smell like pool water. :s Yea, I’m still thinking about it. Ill let you know what happens with that. :P WHooooo!! Happy birthday Mom!! Freeee shottttssss??? Lucky you. ;p Really???? Has the sun finally made an appearance over there? Hope it stays with you for a bit. I just got home from the hospital and Im about to do a HUGE amount of homework that needs to be done. -_- I’m not so happy rn. :( Hug? 

:p Love you lots my British Sweetheart. Hope you had an amazing day/night. xxxxxx 

Anonymous asked: Hey sugar I don't know if you got my last message or not but I don't want you to think I'm forgetting you :) how's your week been?? I'm at the pub, standard night for me haha hope you have a glorious morning and afternoon, lots of love your British Buddy ;) xxxx

No. :( I didn’t get anything. I’ve been checking for you and I thought you must have been busy. My week has been pretty good. Ive been swimming everyday and I’ve been enjoying my art class a lot too. Ive been sculpting a lot of different things and the school even wants to put some of them on display in front of the school. But I haven’t agreed to it yet… because idk, its weird. lol. You and that pub are inseparable. :p How has your week been? How’s school going? :) Lots of love to you too! From your Cali friend. xxxx

Anonymous asked: Hey peach, getting a tan in England is like finding a four leaf clover so I don't have your problem ;) that's great news, so you've been moved up a rank to the big leagues? No no, not your bitchy attitude, it's there stupid comments :) no I haven't heard this news yet! I love the smell of chlorine is that weird? You won't need my back up if you have a six pack! :O you'll be pleased to know I've had a quiet recovery weekend! Lots & lots of love your British Friend :D p.s. It's raining haha xxxx

I shouldn’t be complaining about sunshine, but I don’t think my skin can handle anymore sunburns. I’m all crispy and red. :( Yea, kind of. I don’t do anything important really, just organize stuff, hand out food, or give water to the patients. SO Im basically their slave… but I’m okay with it. lol. :p Yes, I’m a swimmer now. I love it too and I’m having a lot of fun. FINALLY! I was starting to wonder if you were some kind of party robot with no off switch. ;P I had a party here at my house on friday and I had a good time. This guy came over, grabbed my guitar, and just started singing to the birthday girl until EVERYONE joined. It quickly turned into a Spanish Karaoke night. smh

 Its raining over here too! Everyone in LA is going mad! No one is use to the rain. They’re acting like if the world is going to end. :p Lots of love babs. Have a nice day. xxxxx

I hope Kimberley’s baby has dimples, dark eyes, and geordie accent…


shut up let me dream

Anonymous asked: Camping was so much fun, my phone died so I couldn't send you a drunk message ;) I'm covered in bruises that's all I'll say, but I cycled everywhere so I have buns of steal :p that's right girl, don't let bitches walk all over your fabulous ass! If ANYONE is mean to you, I got your back ;) I popped a bottle of champagne & the cork hit the ceiling, shit got crazy! WE HAD A HOT TUB! What what! I hope your week is going just dandy & I love you very much! Big hug for you boo! Your British friend xxx

I love riding my bicycle! I always get a sick tan. Tan lines are the worst tho. :/ Buns of steal huh? lol! Well, I’ve been moved to work with the nurses and doctors so I’m enjoying every second of it! But every now and then, angry visitors have to put up with my bitchy attitude. ;) And thanks babs, I know who to call if I need some back up. ;p Hahahahhahaha, Wow! oh god. It sounds like a party! Have I told you? I’ve started swimming. So I constantly smell of chlorine. -_- But I’m hoping to get my six pack by the end of this year, so watch out LA. ;) How has your day been? Anything new? I love you very much aswell and I hope you’re staying safe over in that part of the world. Hugs and Kisses from your American friend. xxxx

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