Cant wait to see what Kimberley and Nicola have to say about this. 

Soooo, when exactly does Cheryl’s new music video come out?

Found the Link for Cheryls performance on Live Stream which is coming on any minute now!

Anonymous asked: Hello, so I've been out and had a few dranks but I'm 100% sure I've added you on kik, I hope it's you unless it's some complete stranger they're in for a treat! I'm sure I sent you a message like 3 days ago maybe more saying I was going to add you but I never did because I was being a little bitch and was too chicken to do it but I've done it now! Hope your weeks been just delightful! Lots and lots of love, your British friend ;) xoxo

I haven’t gotten anything :( My username is lohvi and the name I have on top is Lore. 

LOL I’m pretty sure you’ve sent it a stranger bc I have nothinggggg. Awe. :( Well I hope I talk to you soon. What’s your username? Maybe I should try finding you. 

Talk to you soon British sweetheart! Miss Ya! xxxxx

Anonymous asked: Yooooo I really hope you got my message prom night, if not I'm totally going to cry!! :'( anyway I thought I'd pop by now because today (17th) is our 1 year friendship anniversary!! Yayyy woooo friends! I hope you had a great prom and I bet you looked beautiful! When do you start moving ready to go to college? I hope your day goes splendid my American friend! I've set up kik...I think ;) haha lots and lots of love Your favourite British person ever! xoxo

I didn’t!! But don’t cry. :( NO WAY! A whole year, it doesn’t feel like its been that long. :o *Friendship dance* :p Too Friendship! *Holds up shot glass* 

I did have a great prom. It was fun I think. I cant really remember much of it to be honest. I don’t move until August 1. Which seems like a lot but I just know the time is going to fly by. Oh yay! Now we can talk more often. My username is ” lohvi ” And let me know if you cant figure it out. Talk to you soon my British Sweetheart! Have a fab day. Lots of love! xxxxx

Anonymous asked: Dude! I'm so sorry I haven't been on in a while, I didn't forget about you I promise! I hope you're ok, I don't like knowing you're sad :( I'm actually working on getting an account now so when I've set it up I'll give you the deets ;) I've just been hanging with friends celebrating the end of first year uni :) did you know we've been friends for a year this month! :O it sounds like you're going to be living the dream! So proud of you :D hope to speak soon, lots of love your British friend xoxo

Im just happy you’re alive!! :p Good to hear from you and I’m fine, just didn’t want to lose contact with you after a whole year! whoooooo! :p We should throw a party. Oh good! We don’t have to put up with tumblrs bull anymore. Im proud of you too you know! A whole year of hard work has paid off. Just think, lots of people don’t make it that far! *huggsssss* Oh! guess what tomorrow is? Prommmmmmm. :O Im excited to go out and have some funnn. Lots of love from your American friend. Stay safe and  talk to you soon xxx

Where’s my British sweetheart. :(

Anonymous asked: Can you please update conflicts and desire on Wattpad? GirlsAloudMedia doesn't allow me to view it :( xX

I would, but the last chapter that was posted is Chapter 34 and thats the last chapter I updated. Ill try to post the next chapter as soon as its posted. But If I don’t see it in time, just send me a message if you want when 35 is up. I usually check to see if I have any mail on here. 

And all you have to do is email the creator of ” ” to get an account. I lost the email and it took me a while to find it but if I found it, Im sure you can too. Best of luck. 

Anonymous asked: Omg I feel like I'm going crazy or there's a break down in communication!! I hope you got my message the other day and you're just too busy to reply, if not I'm about to go Jackie Chan on tumblr's ass!!! Your BF! (No not best friend or boyfriend haha) YOUR BRITISH FRIEND :) xoxo

I FEEL LIKE WE HAVENT SPOKEN IN YEARS. I haven’t been on tumblr for a while since I’ve been going through lots and lots of crappy stuff, but I always check if I have any messages and I never see yours. I think theres something wrong with this shit. >:| You should get a Kik account my little british friend. Its an app and all you need is a phone and an account. They don’t even ask for your name or anything. :p But if not, its fine. Tumblr just needs to stop acting little a poop. Hope you’re doing okay? whats new over there in that part of the world? :p Im leaving for college soon. And Its going to be amazing to get away. I can’t wait! My dorms are right on the beach. My backyard is literally the ocean. o.o Have a nice day hun. Lots of love from your American friend. xxx

Anonymous asked: Update conflicts and desires please :)

Just did. xx

Anonymous asked: Can tho please update conflicts and desires on Wattpad!? It's awesome!! Please

Yea, sure. 

Anonymous asked: Hey! Sorry I haven't stopped by in a while! It went well I won on roulette ;) yes I believe is it just you :) I find it creepy when they tell you stuff about your life & they don't even know you! That's great, how exciting college is gunna be awesome! Holy shit! How's your foot now?? Sending kisses to make it better! ;) yep! Me & my friends are thinking of having an adventure :) the weekend starts today for me, I hope you have a great one bubba! Lots of love your British Friend xoxo

Oh! Same here. Ive been busy with school and stressing over prom. -_- Whooo!!!! Trust you to be the winner of a party game. :p :* My foots fine, thanks for asking babes. My friends were laughing at me, which I think they should be stepped on too, just for that. :p They said that it happens often, and that I had to learn the hard way. I need new friends I think. :p How was your adventure?! Tell me all about it! Lots of love from LA!! Stay safe hun. xx

Anonymous asked: I'm great thank you, I'm off to a casino themed birthday party! ;) I've heard of that, from watching movies hahaha sounds amazing, you crazy Americans :p what did your fortune tell you? Friday was Friday! What you doing this weekend? Yes this is she, I don't love you lots, I love you lots and lots haha :) You are my favourite person in LA, I just might have to come out there next summer! ;) have a great weekend sugar pie xoxo

How funn! How did it go? :) Really? Is it just us that does that? She told me lots. It was pretty creepy. I don’t really believe in it all too much tho, but I do have to admit, she knew stuff about me she couldn’t have guessed. I went to Santa Barbara this weekend. Another road trip. :p The last road trip to San Francisco was 6 hours. But this one was just 2 hours and I really loved it. I think I’m going to college over there. :3 I went horse back riding today? And while I was taking the horse a shower, she stepped on my foot. It was pretty intense. My foot is all purple now. :( Are you coming out here next summer?! How fun! You should do it. LA is just filled with amazing things. ;) Hope you had a great weekend too sweetheart! Lots of love to you! xxxxx

Anonymous asked: Mateeee don't tell me you didn't get my message again?? :O bloody hopeless! I hope you know who this is by now haha xxx

Ughhhhhhh. Tumblr is being its usual little shitty self. -_- Well, how are you btw? Today was Senior Ditch Day. Which basically means that all of the senior class skips school and we all end up getting into trouble. :p I had a really good day tho! Some really close friends and I went to San Pedro (a city close to the beach). We went to the pier to eat seafood and look at all the cool little vintage shops they have there. We got our fortunes read. o.o It was pretty freaky and we saw a lot of cute little sea lions. :D Hope your friday treated you right! And I hope this is my British friend who loves me a lot? :p Lots of love from your Cali Friend!  xxx

Anonymous asked: If I don't worry about you what am I gunna do with my life? Haha tan lines are good! Then you can brag that you actually have a tan ;) what's really funny is what you call a sweater, I call a jumper lol!! So you're a jet setter for the next couple of weeks? It feels good, great actually :) thank you bubs! Sick but never too sick to party, I'm going out tonight & yesterday I went to a theme park!! :O I screamed so hard! Hope you've had a great weekend, lots of love your British sweetheart ;) xoxo

Haha! Thats veryyyyyy true. The world does revolve around me. *diva hair flip* Oh yes, I keep forgetting we’re from different parts of the world. :p Im about to head off in a couple of hours and we’re actually driving there. :O Road trip! :P You should be resting your poor throat, not blowing out your vocal cords. :( Well, I hope you had lots of fun. theme parks are my favvvvvvvv, and be safe tonight. don’t talk to any creepy men who look like murderers plzz. Love you lots! from your fav person in LA. ;) xxxxx

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